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~SOLD~ KRAG, Ernst-August

Krag, Ernst-August

* 20.02.1915 Wiesbaden-Erbenheim
+ 24.05.1994

Awarded Knights Cross: 23.10.1944
as: Sturmbannführer Kommandeur SS-PzAufklAbt 2 "Das Reich"

Awarded Oakleaves as the 755th Recipient: 28.02.1945 as Sturmbannführer
Kommandeur SS-PzAufklAbt 2 "Das Reich"

Kreutz, Karl

* 20.09.1909 Bromberg/Westpreußen
+ 27.07.1997 Bonn

Awarded Knights Cross: 27.08.1944
as: Standartenführer Kommandeur SS-PzArtRgt 2 "Das Reich"

Awarded Oakleaves as the 863rd Recipient: 06.05.1945 as Standartenführer
Kommandeur SS-PzArtRgt 2 "Das Reich"

Karl Kreutz completed a course at the artillery school of the army in Jüterbog in 1939, in which he became the battery of a battery of the newly placed artillery regiment of the SS disposal group. After the Polish campaign, he was severely wounded at the La Basseé Canal in 1940 and returned to the troop only in April 1941. He took over the heavy division of the artillery regiment of the SS disposal group . Having also led the division in the Russian campaign, he became commander of the SS Panzer Artillery Regiment 2 "Das Reich" in February 1943, when the division was reorganized in France. On December 17, 1943, the German Kreutz was given to him in gold for the management of his regiment. After heavy losses in Russia and the refresher of the division and his artillery regiment, he was deployed on the Invasion Front. For the use of the regiment on the invasion front, Karl Kreutz was awarded the Knight Cross on August 27, He had succeeded in smashing several hostile deployments by fire. After the deployment of the regiment in the Ardennes offensive and the fighting in Hungary, the divisional commander of the division "The Reich" , leader Lehmann, was wounded. Karl Kreutz then took command of the division and led them to the end of the war. On May 6, 1945, he was given the oak leave as SS leader

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