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Langanke, Fritz
* 15.07.1919 Buer-Scholven/Westfalen
+10.7.2012 Gelsenkirchen

Awarded Knights Cross: 27.08.1944
as: Standartenoberjunker Zugführer 2./PzRgt 2 "Das Reich"

Langanke was born on 15 July 1919, in Gelsenkirchen. He volunteered to join the Elite and was posted to the 10th Company, Germania Standarte in 1937. In 1938 he transferred to the newly formed Panzer Reconnaissance platoon, as a radio operator, and later as a vehicle commander.

He was awarded the Iron Cross 2nd class in December 1940 and the 1st class award in December 1941 In 1942 he transferred to the Panzer Battalion and served as a Panzer commander in the Reconnaissance Platoon. In late 1943 the division was reformed and Langanke was assigned to I.Battalion, Division Das Reich 2nd Panzer Regiment as an Ordonnance officer until the Normandy Landings. For his part in ensuring that hundreds of soldiers and their equipment managed to escape from the Falaise Pocket. Fritz Langanke was recommended for the Knight's Cross on August 7, 1944. Which he was awarded on the 27 August 1944. He took command of the 2nd Company on December 25, 1944 and remained at this post till the end of the war.

Signed 4” x 6” postwar photo

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