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~SOLD~ GÖHLER Johannes


Göhler, Johannes

* 15.09.1918 Bischofswerda/Sachsen
+ 21.02.2003 Schwarzenbach

Awarded Knights Cross 17.09.1943
as: Obersturmführer Funktion: Chef 4./ ReiterRgt 1 "Florian Geyer

Postwar signed photo measuring 4” x 5 ¾”
Johannes Göhler was born on 15 September 1918 in Bichofswerda Sachsen. He volunteered to join the VT and took part in the Anschluss of Austria and the occupation of the Sudetenland in 1938. During World War II, he was awarded the Iron Cross 2nd class in October 1941, during Operation Barbarossa the invasion of the Soviet Union, while serving with SS Cavalry Brigade. The Iron Cross 1st class followed in January 1942.
He was given command of the 4th Squadron, 1st Cavalry Regiment, 8th Cavalry Division Florian Geyer and was in command when he was awarded the German Cross in Gold and the Knight's Cross in September 1943, when serving on the Eastern Front.

Johannes ‘Hannes’ Göhler: German salesman.
Born on 15-9-1918 at Bischofswerda(Sachsen).
Till 1937 he was a salesman and he worked within the company from his father.
In 1937 he joined the Elite (nr. 310.963), this as a member of the Verfügungstruppe.
In 1941 he followed a course at the Junkerschule in Braunschweig.
On 20-4-1941 he got promoted to Untersturmführer.
After that he became a Platooncommander within the 3. Kompanie from
Kavallerie-Regiment 1 within 1. Kavallerie-Brigade.
After that he became commander from 3. Kompanie with Kavallerie-Regiment 1.
Later he became commander from 4. Kompanie with Kavallerie-Regiment 1.
After that he was appointed as Regimentsadjudant with the Staff from
SS-Kavallerie-Regiment 1.
He got promoted to SS-Obersturmführer on 16-3-1942.
On 17-9-1943 he received the Knights Cross.
On 26-9-1943 he received the German Cross in Gold.
He was promoted to Hauptsturmführer on 9-11-1943.
He was promoted to Sturmbannfúhrer on 21-12-1944.
In August 1944 he became adjudant from H. Fegelein at the Führerbunker within the
After WW-2 he was made a POW and he spent some time at the POW-camp in
After his release he became a member of the HIAG in Stuttgart.
At the same time he also became 1st chairman of the Truppenkameradschaft der Kavallerie-Divisionen.
Died on 21-2-2003 in Schwarzenbach.

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