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~SOLD~ KORTH Siegfried

Korth Siegfried
*February 5th, 1922 (Grünewald/Pommerania, Germany)
+October 6th, 1996 (Wertach/Bavaria, Germany)
Knights Cross: 9. Februar 1945
As: Obersturmführer 3./Kav.Rgt. 18
Postwar signed photo measures 4” x 5 ¾”

Siegfried Korth joined the SS on 30th September 1940, as a Reiter with Kavallerie Regiment 2. Attended the Junkerschule Braunschweig from 1st November 1941 until 30th April 1942, followed by a platoon leaders course until 9th May. He then was attached to the Kavallerie Ersatz Abteilung. Joining the new Kavallerie Division in Debica during late June 1942, Korth was assigned to Gustav Lombard’s Kavallerie Regiment 1 staff as an Ordnance Officer until becoming a Zugführer in early 1943. In May 1943 he took command of the 3.Schwadron of Kavallerie Regiment 1, succeeding Hauptsturmführer Hans von Charpentier, until he was wounded on 1st September 1943. Returning to duty after recovering, Korth was assigned to 3. / Kavallerie Regiment 18 as Schwadronsführer. He led his unit in Budapest and survived the breakout on 11th/12th February 1945.

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