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~SOLD~WISLICENY Günther-Eberhardt

Wisliceny, Günther-Eberhardt
* 05.09.1912 Regulowken, Krs. Angerburg/Ostpreußen
+ 25.08.1985 Hannover
Awarded Knights Cross: 30.07.1943
as: Sturmbannführer Kommandeur III./ PzGrenRgt "Deutschland"
Awarded Oakleaves as the 687th Recipient: 26.12.1944 as Obersturmbannführer
Kommandeur PzGrenRgt 3 "Deutschland"
Awarded Swords as the 151st Recipient : 06.05.1945 as Obersturmbannführer
Kommandeur SS-PzGrenRgt 3 "Deutschland"

Postwar signed photo of a drawing of Wisliceny measuring 3 1/4" x 4 1/2"
During the campaign in the Balkans in 1941 he led an infantry company. Wisliceny distinguished himself in the Battle of Kursk in 1943 and was awarded the Knights Cross of the Iron Cross .

By the end of 1944, Wisliceny commanded 3 "Deutschland" in Normandy . He also fought in the Eifel , the Ardennes and in Hungary before he ended up in US War Crimes in World War II . He was subsequently sent to France, where he was suspected of committing war crimes in Tulle and Oradour-sur-Glane . Wisliceny was released in 1951.

Wisliceny was one of only 98 men to win both the Knights Cross and the Close Combat Clasp in Gold

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