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~SOLD~ MULTIPLE SIGNED PHOTO-Rudorffer/Trautloft/Pichler/Karch

One of a series of multiple signed photos that we recently acquired. Autographed photos with double or multiple signatures are especially sought after as they are not the standard signed photo usually encountered.

Major Erich Rudorffer 224 Victories 2, Stab II & 6./JG2, II./JG54, II./JG7 Russia, Desert. Me-262 ace. Awarded Knights Cross 1.5.41 Awarded Oak leaves as the 447th recipient 11.4.44 Awarded Swords as the 126th recipient 25.145

Obst Hannes Trautloft 57 Victories;4 in Spain J/88; I./JG77, I./JG20, 11 & III./JG51. Awarded Knights Cross 27.7.41

Ltn Johannes Pichler 75 Victories 7 & III./JG77 Bf-109, 16 'Viermots'. POW 1944. Awarded Knights Cross 7.9.44

Hptm Fritz Karch 47 Victories 6./JG2 Viermots killer (21) Awarded Knights Cross 17.4.45

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SOLD~ MULTIPLE SIGNED PHOTO-Rudorffer/Trautloft/Pichler/Karch">
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